18591km – Berlin Exhibition

As we try to reach as many people as possible in different ways, we thought art, as an universal language, would spread the news. To bring awareness about a topic that is going on in the media these days, however it has been an issue that has been going on for a long time already, and it is so much more profound than what covered by the press.

We have therefore found a bunch of artists with different backgrounds who in many multiple ways, based on their own experience, have thought through this reality and created their work.

As in 2015, the 25th anniversary of reunification of Germany will be celebrated, this year´s art exhibition takes place in Berlin.

We are working at the moment with several artists from different parts of the world, from other sides of the walls that have been and are being built these days who joined forces and have developed a concept. To name a few: Iran, Germany, Spain, Argentina, USA, Turkey and Lithuania.

The event will include different disciplines: film, photography, performance, painting, installation and graffiti.

It is not about the Berlin Wall, this is just an example, an inspiration and the anchor for the targeted topic of the exhibition. It is about the walls that are being risen across Europe as well as about those which are driven by prejudices, as well as the wall created through media and single-sided-reporting, preventing to see what is actually happening on the other side. Or the hidden walls arising from a free trade agreement or fear of the unknown.



«Behind the Walls», Acrylic on board. Rafael Gil

behind the walls




labyrinth lost in time

«Labyrinth (Lost in Time), installation. D S León


«Eraseentuser», video-installation. Vicente Expósito







the wall of iran

«The Wall of Iran», oil on canvas. Mahdieh Sandmehr



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To be continued…