An Insight into the Artists featuring at 18591km Art Exhibition


Does a wall always have to be physical? or are they actually just the materialization of ideas of any kind of nature: political, economic, cultural, moral…giving shape to our lives and our relations, creating prejudices and fears, molding our opinion as a result of a single sided reporting?
These questions have driven 18591km to come together with a group of artists with different backgrounds, who in many multiple ways, based on their own experience, have thought through these realities and created their artworks, which will be featured at the 18591km Art Exhibition.

But who are the faces behind? and what motivated them to take an active part in this project?
With: Nicolas Baernreuther & Arystan Petzold, Nathalie mpJohann, Vicente Expósito, Ece Gauer, Salym Fayad, Mahdieh Shadmehr, Ira Mowen, Roland-Tim Heinbrok, Catherine Duquette, Javier Blanco, Anders Bigum, Carolina Cristòfol, Rafael Gil, Koray Arman & Cem Dildar, Maria Nitulescu, Lapo Simeoni, Nuno Marcelino, Tarik Mesli, Guillaume Tissier, D.S. León, Bin-Han To, AWK
With the collaboration of: Gemma Parellada, Pablo Guerrero Alberola, Safy „Sniper“, Elisa Martell and Pablo Woizinski.


„The Walls in our mind“ – Installation
tumblr_nyksj6SqZ71rpief9o2_1280Nicolas Bärnreuther  & Arystan Petzold

«The appearance of things depends on the crystal we observe them through.The true nature of things can only be (partly) grasped through observation plus experience»

“feelings are just the human part, which also makes it accessible, and can be not only a physical baying of vibrations”



„Le Mur“ – Video installation


Nathalie mpJohann

«How the energy move and transform and how through an emotional and physical feeling, perception of space /time can change the consciousness».

«I loved that concept because there was no frame , no walls , no territory just the pure catharsis of energy».





Vicente Expósito

“Making History repeated itself and allowing self-isolation is not a good way to solve the problems and differences. «




„Woman in red & Walls of censor“



Ece Gauer


«Walls has been voice of being against authoritarianism of the government, violation of democratic rights, media censorship and disinformation, government’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War, use of excessive force by police…In my work, I’ll try to make a point about the censorship on the mural art and graffities».





„Metropolitan Nomads: A Journey through Joburg´s Little Mogadishu“



Salym Fayad

«The lives of hundreds of Somalis intersect in the Johannesburg suburb of Mayfair. Mayfair presents itself as a space where collective stories of migration and survival interweave with individual desires and hopes of seeking a better life outside a country shattered by decades of internal conflict».



„The Wall of Iran“


Mahdieh Shadmehrthe wall of iran


«In Iran when you stand on the top of the colourless and dusty wall of sanction you will see small people who are passing the wall, jumping from it or become dry and colourless under the wall’s shadow. Just like a rock they have recorded a part of life’s perspective and geographic position, while this wall is just made of dust with pure fanaticism. A material that no one has the courage to break through».



„One cigarette“


Wall Project Ira Mowen 1 ira mowen

Ira Mowen

The first is a video Mowen made in September 2007 featuring a bird’s eye view of the Berlin Wall shot entirely by a camera suspended from helium balloons, only directed by wind. The second is an impromptu audio recording Mowen did, with vocal artist Joe Wiesenburger, about his life growing up along the wall in West Berlin.

«The goal was to compliment the free spirited nature of the uncontrolled aerial footage with an equally spontaneous narrative describing one perspective of life behind the wall. Both recordings were done in one take and were unscripted».



„The Media Wall“



Roland-Tim Heienbrok

«The walls are not really the problem, but rather the physical manifestation of something that started much earlier and less visible. It all start in the head.

 The opinion and judgement people have about other countries, societies, social classes and so forth are in most cases not created through personal experiences but just a result of poor and misleading information created through media».


„The Climb“



Catherine Duquette

«The Climb investigates the notion of “climbing to the top” and what we’re willing to do to get there. The top is different for everyone – political, economic, ideological, emotional, social, or cultural. But the struggle is just the same – full of fear, frustration, anxiety and no longer knowing how to place oneself in space. We create both imaginary and real walls to organize this chaos – to define space and shape identity».


„Je m´appelle Abou“


12311235_926859667400875_2693077246057028765_nJavier Blanco

«Metaphor Suitcase: Tourism or Migration. This story reflects the difference between these realities confronted, 1st and 3rd world, rich and poor, tourism and migration. Consumption and life experience. It is significant that the suitcase that serves the tourist to consume travelling, can´t be used here for an experience that might change the life of someone forced to depart, without any hope to return, to embrace an uncertain future, wishing to be different, a better path».



Anders Bigum

«The inability to understand the positive impact of the differences; that contrast creates the whole. Without blacks and whites the picture will fade into a dull meaningless blur».





Carolina Cristòfol


«Dreams: an invitation to go through the fog of noise into clarity, seeing and revealing».








„Topographies of Wall & Suite Berlinesa“

Rafael GilRafael_Gil_Lithography.jpg


«My work also represents a desire to show that even today, across our planet, walls are being constructed as barriers. They are a rejection of what we should expect in the new century: coexistence and understanding between men.».






„Trees are stronger than walls“

Koray Arman & Cem Dildar

«Our aim is just to show that the nature is a common value of all human-beings and the existence of the trees together with our love to the nature can stop overbuilding of the cities, stop the isolation of the different cultures, racism, fascism, violent capitalism and even the wars.



„Reflective Memory – Cultural Reflective Distance“

Maria Nitulescu


“I construct my memories with my present. I am lost, abandoned in the present. I try in vain to rejoin the past: I cannot escape. Jean-Paul Sartre».





Lapo Simeoni

“The precariousness caused by European capitalism, which renders places of peace and hospitality to only be shared for economic benefits. I therefore created a symbol that also serves as a temporary remedy for this unstable time.«




„175Km: Where EU geographically begins but morally ends“

Nuno Marcelino



“175km is a photo reportage of 2 days along the Hungarian border with Serbia, showing the daily life of the surroundings of the new wall and the portrait of the refugees who needed to cross the wall created to block them.«




„PIECE Nº 42: We are not birds““

Tarik Mesli

«My work aims to be a visual search of a new relationship to the other in a world where one is locked, and locks oneself, into a system that pits the included against the excluded, north against south, the one who speaks against the one who can’t»



“Mass Media“

Guillaume Tissier



«Mass media form mass opinions, which can be manipulated for political or economic reasons, and therefore help building walls between categories of people, religions, countries, etc»




«Labyrinth (Lost in Time)“


«I strive to provoke the audience  by creating relationships with their inner feelings and boundaries, that make us feeling lost. This labyrinth represents our invisible walls, the challenge of daring us to tear them down».





«The art work for the exhibition simply titled “wall” is approach to walls from purely structural, aesthetical, simplified way. The installation is meant to invoke feelings and considerations of the actual building of the wall, the experience of the tangible aspects of this political and societal construct»



…and so it was…