«CETA, TISA & TTIP … the solution to all problems «

EU Commision says:
About CETA:
“Europe currently faces big challenges, like:
– kick-starting our own economy
– responding to conflicts close to our borders
– adapting to other, emerging economies outside Europe
– maintaining our influence in the wider world.”

About TTIP:
“… benefit people in Europe, the US – and the rest of the world, too.”

Overcoming borders, increasing intellectual und cultural exchange.

Such great thoughts, such great objectives, such great ethics.

But, how could 18591km e.V. stand against these Trade Agreements then?

It is easy to use the words these arguments. They all sound wonderful.

But if you look at the history of trade Agreements, NAFTA or FTAA for
example, it has created great benefits for few, lots of trouble for
many. And … the US – Mexican barrier and Wall where created after the
NAFTA was executed.

And why; if it such a great project so many citizens are against it,
with so many contradicting standards in different countries it has to be
pushed so fast and secretive?

There are many reasons to be against these Trade Agreements or at least
skeptical, just to name a first one, this agreement will not benefit US nor European citizens as it states, but just big Coorporations, as it is an alliance to ease commercialization. And it would enhance exclusion, a wider gap with the countries outside this agreement, as it would make them less market competitive reducing drastically their market share, which reminds to the mechanisms of a monopolized market and would lead into the creation of a new invisible wall between rich and poor countries, between rich and poor societies.

More articles will follow here explaining why we stand against CETA, TISA & TTIP.